Downtown Streetscape

Downtown Raytown StreetscapeRaytown Main Street has been working from the beginning with the City of Raytown regarding the downtown streetscape. Serving as the heart of this inner-ring suburb, the City
of Raytown’s Central Business District is planned for a multi-phased revitalization intended to strengthen and support the economic development potential of this area. Throughout Raytown’s history, the area around East 63rd Street and Raytown Road has been a hub of community activity, commerce, and social interaction. The City of Raytown is undertaking a physical transformation of the area’s streets to create a more attractive and pedestrian friendly environment that is conducive for retail and commercial activity.

The CBD area is located on the east side of the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe railroad line (also referred to as the Rock Island Corridor), which is anticipated to eventually incorporate commuter rail transit service as well as an extension of the Katy Trail. The streetscape project area includes East 63rd Street from the existing railroad bridge east to Blue Ridge Boulevard, Raytown Road from East 61st Street south to East 64th Street, and Blue Ridge Boulevard from East 63rd Street north to East 59th Street.Downtown Raytown Streetscape Rendering

The project area currently includes several commercial uses directly adjacent to East 63rd Street and a mixture of commercial and industrial uses south of East 63rd Street. Along Blue Ridge Boulevard, the uses transition from retail commercial near East 63rd Street to office and residential uses north of East 61st Street, including Raytown High School located on the east side of Blue Ridge Boulevard north of East 61st Street. A significant open space is located just north of East 63rd Street on the west side of Blue Ridge Boulevard, and is currently owned by the City and anticipated for future retail development to further bolster commercial activity in the CBD. Click the link for a copy of the Downtown Raytown Streetscape Master Plan

Downtown Raytown Streetscape